Interior Design and Home Decor Services

Good design doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it is the result of many creative minds working together towards a common goal. I rely on a number of great partners in this market and beyond, quality suppliers who know their stuff and take pride in their products and services. DCDC works with a handpicked team of reliable, independent contractors to offer a range of services for any residential or commercial interior design or home decor project. Services include:

  • Materials selection
  • Product sourcing
  • Space planning
  • Colour consultation
  • Furniture schemes
  • Contractor services
  • Architectural drawings and floor plans
  • On-site design consultations for DIYers


These flat-rate, one-time sessions are perfect for the DIY-enthusiast or anyone who wants to explore the full potential of their home with self-sourced products and materials. Consultations include travel time to and from the site (within the greater Calgary area), up to two hours in the space and written recommendations for value-enhancing improvement that clients can pursue on their own. If it’s decided that DCDC is to be retained for service beyond this point, the consultation fee is applied against your first two billable project hours, provided a contract is signed within thirty days of the initial site visit. For more information on how this option might benefit you, please contact me directly.

Hourly Billing

The most common model in the industry, this method allows clients to work on a pay-as-they-go basis with meticulously logged time and regular monthly invoicing. This prevents billable hours from building up unchecked and assists clients in tracking and maintaining their budgets as a project proceeds. With this option, design fees are offset by 50/50 commission splitting through select retailers and trade-only partners with whom I maintain relationships. For more information on how this option might benefit you, please contact me directly.

Flat-fee Billing

A new introduction to DCDC’s roster of client services, this option works well for busy professionals who want to know exactly what their design fees are in advance and might not have time for shopping excursions or other participatory demands of a project. This service is based on pre-set contract dates and billed out at a higher rate, but gives clients access to full discounts with select retailers and trade-only suppliers. Oftentimes these savings are substantial enough to either cover or offset the costs of design fees incurred. For more information on how this model might benefit you, please contact me directly.