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Or, Why Dust Jackets are for Dustbins

I’ll be brief: dust jackets on books are a temporary protective layer, much like plastic on a lampshade. As soon as you get home you should recycle the paper wrapper, provided there is no metallic ink or other problematic materials present that might thwart your green efforts. If the photo on the outside is appealing, rest assured that it will make an appearance somewhere inside the book, if not on the actual cover.

I cannot tell you how good it feels to liberate the linen spine of a book and add it to your shelf. As with a properly unwrapped lampshade (or—gah!—sofa) be sure to vacuum the edges of your books regularly and don’t forget to dust the tops at least once a week. One final note: paperbacks have no business on bookshelves where adults gather so find a sensible place to store them. Paperbacks are, after all, a means to an end but by no means decorative enough to contribute to your décor scheme. Give book shucking a try—I’m sure you’ll be hooked. But, if you tackle it unsuccessfully and all else fails, contact me…

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